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Stomach Flu

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Ohhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooo my son has the stomach flu. Poor thing! I hate to see them sick. Please pray I dont get it! Then we would really be in trouble

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I sure hope no one else in your family ends up with the stomach flu. I feel your pain
  2. beansthemama's Avatar
    Thanks!!! I am crossing my fingers. My sister said to eat yogurt that helps prevent it, I dont know everytime I get it I end up in the hospital
  3. blndemom23's Avatar
    oh GAWD I hate the stomach flu!!!! I hope it stays clear of you and your son recovers QUICKLY!!!!
  4. JoAnn's Avatar
    Oh my the stomach Flu. Do pray that you don't get it & hope your son is better soon. Fresh air for you --- Get as much of it as you can..