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The life and mind of Tarrien

Awesomeness over the week

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So there's a music festival going on right now. I decided to check it out this year with my best. She volunteered for a band who's been really supportive of her and so she got in to see the show (15 dollar cover) along with bringing me in RIGHT( I didn't have money to spare for it but she found me a ticket*) before they played. Lot of fun. I ran around town getting other freebies since the entire town is really into it. X3 I really love free stuff so its been really great to help me get out of the house since I tend to be homebody if there's nothing going on.

Best part of this week is I met one of my favorite guitar players ever and got to hang out with him (He bought the people with him food and offered some really high end booze *I did not partake in the booze*) My best is still star struck from hanging out with him, and she even quit smoking since he said "I care about your health, don't smoke" Thank you Mr. Tom Morello for the great night. I really did have a lot of fun. Lately I think I haven't been quite as expressive as I should be, but I really did have a good time. :3

That's really the main stuff.

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