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When lightening Strikes . . .

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Over the weekend we experienced a rather strong electrical storm, one that cracked directly into our home.

At first, I laughed hysterically, it sounded as though someone fired a shotgun in the middle of the living room, ds hit the floor so fast you'd have thought someone was shooting at him. It was an earth shattering KA BOOOOOOM, and I stood there laughing like a nut. It became increasingly less funny as I discovered just how many things in the house had become toast.

The strike managed to blow up our microwave, fry the living room floor lamp, television & surround sound system, my laptop and cook the kids computer, as well as the pump to my select comfort bed, all of which were on surge protectors/battery back-up systems.

It seems as though each time I go into a different room and try to turn something else on I discover something else that fried.

I'm happy to report that the chicks we are incubating are due to hatch in the next couple of days and we are still seeing signs of life (the eggs jiggling around, little cheeps coming from the shells!). I was worried that the lightening strike may have fried our little chicks on top of our electronics.

So, this weekend was not an overly frugal one for me to say the very least!

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  1. ParisGirl111's Avatar
    That is crazy? I wonder, does homeowner's insurance cover loss or damage due to lightening?

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