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2010 -update

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Hi everyone -it has been a long time since I have visited here and checked things out -sorry !! Time seems like it is passing so quickly these days .The year has started off great, I paid my last credit card off which was all I wanted to do this year. The 29.99 % intrest was killing my budget -even calling and begging them to lower it was not helping -so I paid in full and then told them to cancel my account -they had the balls to ask why??? so I let them have it !! they probably will not call again !lol
My kids are doing well -Mitch is going to college full time , my middle daughter Miranda is a junior ,she is taking a lot of her college prerequists (sp ) in high school so happy she can do this ! My baby Macie is finally 14 and is ready for drivers ED, I sure hope that teacher has a good heart !LOL Myself still working 60 hours every week -I have several parents expecting -hooray me -except I am already at capacity !! I will try and work with them I never turn a kid down -plus babies are my business future!! well thts all for now -hope everyone is well and blessing from my family to yours !! Bobbi -ne

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Congrats on getting the plastic paid off-- I wonder now how in the world did I ever make all those stupid payments! Don't miss the plastic here at all!
  2. memeleelee's Avatar
    Great big congrats to you!! You should be very proud of yourself. It's so liberating not to have credit cards. Been there, done that and don't miss 'em a bit. In fact, they couldn't pay me to have a credit card. ...Unless of course, I could charge the credit card companies 30% interest and exorbitant, usurious fees.
  3. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    well I really do not miss plastic I have my debit card for any place will not take a check . so I figure if I can not afford to pay for it now I do do not need it !!! It was really the worse mistake I made in my youth .When we first married my husband only got paid once a month barely 500.00 so I decided that what everI could not pay for I would put it on plastic -only thing I just paid those things off after 20 years of being married. Nothing I need is worth that. Nice lesson to bad it cost me so much cash. Hope I can teach my children a good lesson -they are already getting offers. Well everyone stay plastic free and put them out of business -that I would enjoy!!! Bobbi -ne