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Zip, Zing, Zooooooom!

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What a week folks! About 4 hours ago I was literally sitting over my computer with a hammer contemplating whether or not to smash it to complete smithereens!

They say what doesn't kill ya, makes you stronger! I've run the gamut of emotions this past week, some major highs and some Very deep Lows! It's amazing how you can spend 10 or 12 hours working on a small section of coding, trying to perfect it, only to continually fail. My biggest pet peeve is having to give in and head off to bed with a coding issue unsolved. For me, it means that I'll be spending the entire night working, as I am an avid dreamer. On occasions I succeed in finding the answer and first thing in the morning I forgo the :mug: coffee and head straight to the computer, lest I forget!

I've even been known to holler "damn computer" in my sleep, loudly enough to wake my son. I certainly hope that it's not a testament to my sanity, the fact that I scream at my computer in my sleep, lol.

Well, hopefully the majority of the frustration has passed. I've discovered the fix to a few bugs and even managed to get some articles transferred. It looks like I'll finally be able to transfer the recipes starting today! Would you believe It took me more than 35 hours just to get the categories and sections correct!

Hopefully our members haven't been experiencing too many issues, or having a hard time finding the areas. I tried to keep the navigation similar and the categories the same. I can't wait until the site is completely switched!

Here's to having a happy, productive, stress free (hopefully!) week!! Cheers

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Thanks for all you do! I'm in shut down mode and probably won't be online much longer. After a 34 year battle my cancer is back in spades. I meet with the surgeon tomorrow but I've already told them no chemo and no brain surgery, once was enough, so guessing the blinding headaches will continue. Will update you tomorrow night after I meet with the surgeon.
  2. jlynn2369's Avatar
    Funny you say about smashing yours cuz mine is just running SUPER slow and it is very annoying....hope it gets better for you