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Last week of Febraury

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We had our big Joint Preparedness Fair Saturday. It snowed through Friday night and most everything else was canceled but we stayed on track and the local radio station let everyone know we were there and functioning. The city was great and stayed out all night to grade and sand roads. It was a little disappointing that we only had 54 there but for our small community and the weather conditions I guess it was a good crowd. We all had a lot of fun and everyone learned lots and had a great meal together. And most of all we were invited to come back and do it again. Snowed again Saturday night through Sunday. Snowing again right now. Just hiked up to check horses and grab the mail. Totally exhausted dealing with waist deep drifts. This has been a long brutal winter and I'm afraid it isn't over yet! Sure is pretty to look at but no fun to hike through! My 1/2 mile hike today should count for more than that!

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