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My Valentines Day

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DH is flying very long missions over Afghanistan right now. My daughters tried hard to reach him for the last few days with no luck but wouldn't tell me what they wanted him for. My 2nd son was born on Feb. 14th so I got up early today to make pizza crust. When I walked in to the kitchen there was 2 huge bouquets, one of which was signed "With Love from Dad". I figured out why they wanted to reach their Daddy and decided to cover him anyway! DH owes them big time I'm thinking! Made biscuits and gravy up for them and we left early so we could get our load out. Ice Cream cake and pizza makings and presents for DS along with our bags for Church and took off. After church we drove westward to St Joseph MO to have a small party with my son. We only stayed an hour or so and baked pizza and had cake and did gifts and then headed out in a blinding snow. All the roads including I-35 were snow packed but still ok to drive on. Came home and we girls voted to watch a movie and forget the dirty dishes for tonight. (I left everything soaking this morning) We'll deal with them tomorrow. Looking forward to a long hot bath and then going to bed early. I think we are all missing Dad tonight. Looking forward to his being home full time come Fall. Hope you all had a lovely day where ever you are.

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