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What a night!

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I had my daughter follow me to town this morning to drop off my truck for it's annual undercoating and then she took me back this afternoon to pick it up. we left early and I gathered up scarfs and gloves because DH down in TX wanted me to go looking at new trucks. He's enjoying walks in shorts so kind of forgets we're having highs in the teens and 40MPH north breezes! Anyway I collected my truck and after our very fast look at trucks I took the girl's out to eat and then I came home. I noticed the drifts we're getting pretty high and filling back in quickly so stayed up late with plans to go meet my girl and cut a path for her to get back in. I parked right by the back door so didn't notice that we had gotten a nice layer of ice tonight. My lovely little 4X4 went sideways. So I back up and tried again, and again, and again. then broke down and got out and checked the tires and then the driveway and gee whiz the driveway looked like snow but was ice and so were all those huge drifts. I wasn't going anywhere. My daughter made it as far as our gravel road and that was it. she managed to get pulled over to the side of the road and called to let us know she was walking home. Pitch black, bitter cold winds blowing and 3 1/2 miles to go. Her sister grabbed a flash light and the dog and took off to meet her. I heated up water for hot chocolate or tea and waited. they actually made pretty good time but had numb legs and very, very rosy cheeks! Hope the snow plow comes through tonight or early in the morning so we can get her car home! Once our neighbor sees her car down by the highway he'll be by to plow us out and take her down to collect it! Tried calling the Sonic to let them know the other daughter wouldn't be opening in the morning but they had closed down early so guess we'll have to call in the morning! And yes! I'm am still very much looking forward to SPRING!!!!! It can't get here early enough to suit me!

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