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One of those days

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They've been working on our basement and yesterday I got home and they had used something that smelled gosh awful. Didn't seem to effect my breathing but sure made my eyes burn. Slept good last night but woke up early covered and I do mean covered with hives. Oh I hate hives. So had to break down early on and take Antihistamine. Makes me sleep so all day I've tried to function and I've managed to stay awake but not able to get much done. My brain is real loopy and not much is computing up there today! Got a big sewing project I would of liked to of worked on but just couldn't do it today. Got a meeting at the church tonight for planning our Emergency Preparedness fair we're putting on with a local church to help our neighbors be prepared in an emergency. Wish I didn't, I'd take another benidryl and go to bed if I could! If it wasn't single digits here I'd though open the windows and air us out real good! Tomorrow is another day and sure hope it goes better than this one!

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