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headache results

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i went to the doctor turns out i have occipital neuralgia. After a shot in my head of steroids and numbing agent I am now on three medicines consisting of flexiril, neurotin and when needed percocet. This may be something i am fighting for the rest of my life. It has now spread to my neck and shoulder and I am wearing a soft neck brace and when needed a sling to keep me from using my arm too much. Other things to help is a hot/cold treatment and a low saturated fat diet (why this helps they dont know). I am only allowed 10 grams of saturated fat a day which I am finding out is next to impossible to do. Anyone know of foods that are made from scratch that have no saturated fat???? or things that i can eat with none so when i do have to eat things that have it its not killing me????????? Any help is appreciated or any other tips for those that may know something about this as the doctor says its not much out there which i am finding out is the case cause im finding the same info over and over again.

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  1. my4mainecoons's Avatar
    I would switch to cooking with ONLY Pure Virgin Coconut oil and avoiding ALL processed foods and soft drinks. I used to get massive migraines and completely changed how I eat too, it's really hard to get used to at first.