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The life and mind of Tarrien

Good news Bad news

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So bad news first since technically it came first. I got fired from my lousy job that barely paid me enough in the first place. Good news is I found a new job already one that has the *Potential* to pay over double any of my last jobs have given me. Which is by all means, Wonderful.

So anyways. I also have a friend who decided to finally follow through on one of her large scale plans. She's going to march cross country in a peaceful protest. I'm really proud of her... scared of course, but extremely proud. She has a facebook up of her plans and a paypal up for donation. Which really screams "I'm actually going to go out and do this!" Usually she'll call me and be like "I want to do a protest...etc" But never follow through so I'm glad she can finally be organized and passionate enough to do something like this.

I've also been trying meeting new people through a meetup site.(called So through that I got to play dungeons and dragons for the first time. Long game, had no idea it could last THAT LONG (8hour game). Fun though. It happens maybe once a month (which is enough for me for something that takes so long ._.*)

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Glad you got a good paying job now! Hope it all holds together for you!