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Middle of the night

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Was almost asleep then got woke up and now I can't sleep. Hate nights like that but sitting in the dark with my lap top having fun. I've been collecting all my recipes for my long menu list and typing them in for each day. When I get them all done I'll print them all off and make a book with the whole thing in it. I'll remove all the cookbooks from my kitchen and just keep this one master book in the kitchen freeing up one whole cabinet for me to use. Guess I'll curl up here in the family room with a book and see if I can get back to sleep. Hope ya all have a good week!

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    That's what I did as well. I bought some of those plastic sleeves at walmart (50 ct for $3) and you can put 4 recipes per sleeve, printed out nicely with Photos. I love doing them that way, then you stick them in a 3 ring binder and when you're cooking, if you happen to splash something on the recipe, it's no big deal, it washes right off.
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    I do the same thing, I take the best recipes I can find and put them in a really really nice notebook so I can try them out. But yeah, I've been having a lot of those nights recently as well.