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Adventures of Mickey . . .

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Weekends always tend to be a rather eventful time for our family, this weekend was no exception. We, like much of the Country, have been experiencing a considerable (abnormal!) cold snap the last few weeks.
DH had planned to spend the weekend helping a friend build new "nursery" shelters for his pregnant goats. I figured, since they would be working on that, the least the boys and I could do was to muck out his goat barn. We filled the back of the truck, drove home, spread it in the field, made another trip, etc. However, upon unloading our last load of the day, as I was shoveling goat turds out of the bed of the truck, something tiny and pink caught my eye.
It was a baby mouse, perhaps 2 days old, at best. I picked it up thinking it was dead, considering it was 35F outside and I just dug the poor thing out from underneath a truckload of manure, literally. It was strangely pliable, so I handed him to my son and told him to go sit in the warm truck and see if it's still alive. A few minutes later ds was pounding on the window and pointing to his palm.
It was alive, barely. We brought him into the house, found a small container and I started the clothes dryer (to warm up the blanket of lint that had built up in the filter!). After warming it for a few minutes, I put the tiny pink fellow on a bed of warmed dryer lint and searched the house for an eye dropper to get his belly full. With dh rolling his eyes (repeatedly!) I warned the kids not to be surprised if he didn't make it through the night. Luckily I had a small container of replacement puppy milk from when our lab was ill, so I mixed up a mouse formula based on his approximate weight 1/2 oz.
I fed him through the night and several times throughout the day today and he seems to be doing okay so far. His skin color has darkened considerably from bright pink to a brownish gray, but he's still hairless.
So, it appears, my days of feeding babies in the middle of the night are not as over as I thought they were! Mice are not exactly revered creatures here in the house, so I did tell the family that it was more than likely a baby mole (which are insect eaters). If he makes it I'll have to concede that I was wrong and he is indeed a mouse.

Aside from our Mouse Adventures, I managed to get in my workout, my walk and still post a few freebies on the site. It's been an eventful weekend... anything new on your end?

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Aww he's cute!!! I sure hope he lives.....
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Oh what fun! We've raised tons of little critters, the one we all remember the most was turtle eggs. We put them in a plastic ice cream bucket with wet sand and put the lid on and stored it on top of the fridge for a couple month's. I started checking it often after that on one day sure enough we had 9 red slider turtles hatch out. the kids were disappointed when I told them they'd have to release them into the pond after few hours. They sure were cute! Life in the country, you never know what you'll find next!
  3. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    I'm heartbroken to announce that lil' Mickey didn't make it.
  4. mardhines's Avatar
    Awwww... ss.. but God will bless you for trying.