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plans and not plans

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Well I have planned to start a container garden this year and I dont really have any flowers in my yard so guess what they are coming too lol

This is my sole new project for the year.

What wasnt in my plans is I am having headaches that wont quit. Have had one for over three weeks now, been out of work for three weeks Thank goodness I am frugal and I have someone that is helping me till they find out what this is. Its not migraines the doctor says and the catscan is clear. I need to get insurance not sure how to do that frugally cause they are sending me to a specialist. Just wish I could find some relief. Dont care at this point if its traditional medicine or not as I have been thinking about getting out of the traditional medicine way anyway.

uggg why does life have to be so damn complicated

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Do you drink diet soda or (eat/chew) anything containing aspartame (Nutrasweet?) That does it to me every time, blinding headaches, drop you to your knees headaches.

    If not, I highly recommend a food /headache journal. Write down everything you're eating, the times you are experiencing the pain including what makes it worse, what alleviates it. (Speaking of which, have you tried a large glass of gatorade? I know it sounds silly, but people who suffer long-term from headaches often have unbalanced electrolytes.) If it's relieved for a short period of time, you can look into what's causing the imbalance. (See where I'm going with all of this)

    Did you recently switch vitamins, get a new pet, etc. Anything that could have potentially triggered an unknown allergy/allergic response.

    Most doctors won't mention keeping a journal, but with a journal, you can see a Naturopath - who will look into ALL of your symptoms and will be able to help.

    Sweety, I hope you are feeling better soon!
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    First let me say you have gone thorugh some major changes in your personal life and have the added stress of supporting your family and school. Your stress level has tenfolded on you in recent months.

    I agree about the sweetners, for some people they cause tremendous headaches. Have you changed your caffiene? drinking more or less coffee, soda, etc? That can lead to headaches as well.

    Have you added any new scents to your home? I recently bought a room scent item that has a smell that triggers headaches, had to get rid of it.

    Where are the headaches located? Front, above the eyes, side, whole head. Do you know when they are about to start or do they come on strong with no warning, or a constant headache that once the medicine wears off it is right back?

    Have you taken any spills? Slipped on some ice? Do you have other pain also? Sometimes if your back is out of alignment headaches can be the result.

    What have you tried to cure the headaches so far? Does anything offer a temporary relief?

    Sorry for the twenty million questions. Life is not fun with a headache. Hope that soon you will feel some relief.
  3. mdowdy's Avatar
    thanks for the suggestions. the headache actually moves and is constant when the meds wear off they are back full force and in a different spot. Nothing gives what I would call relief including the pain meds just takes away the sharpness
  4. brchbell's Avatar
    Oh I hope you figure it out soon! I really recommend a food journal. There are so many foods that can trigger migraines! Hope they figure it out soon! Glad they did the scan to make sure you didn't have any tumors!