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Are you a self reliant survivor?

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I use to teach survivor skills while serving in the military for 12 years. Over the last several years I've been trying to make sure I and my family are prepared to handle anything that comes our way. I've been asked to teach others these same skills I use in my own life. I subscribe to several online blogs that cover this same topic. One of my favorites is by Carolyn Nicolaysen @ I am currently working with other churches to reach out and teach more of my neighbors skills that will help them survive anything that comes their way. We live in an area that experiences many power outages. Some like an ice storm a few years ago left us without power for 3 weeks in the dead of winter. Some are only a few hours. But never the less we face outages on a regular basis so we should be ready for them but I've noticed that most people are not ready at all! I survived my 3 weeks without power but boy did we ever make some changes! I replaced my kitchen range with a gas range that has pilot lights. No electric needed. We had two small warm morning gas heaters over in our pole barn from when we were living there. I had those moved over. Again they don't use electric. One went to the basement and the other to my big master bathroom. We would be able to stay warm easily and be able to cook easily now. One problem we are still working on is our water system. We have no public water supply in our area so we pull from our lake with a large water processing room in our basement. But to get our water up here and through the processing requires electricity. We could run it temporarily on a generator but more than a few days would be a problem due to the amount of gasoline that would be burned. We are trying to set up a system using the power take off on our diesel tractor. That would buy us several weeks of electric usage. Hopefully we can get it all figured out before we need it next time! I have certain points I believe are necessary to be self reliant: 1 Belief & sincere prayer to our Father in Heaven. With His help, you can do anything! 2. Live below your income! Spend less than you make and you can do great things. 3. Never make purchases with debt. It's ok to borrow for your house but everything else is cash! If it's important to you, then you should be willing to save to get it! 4. If you are in debt, get out now! Go on a strict diet of beans and rice and take one debt at a time (lowest to highest) and start knocking them out! Take on extra jobs and get those debt millstones removed from around your neck! 5. Spend wisely- know the difference between wants and needs. 6. Have an emergency fund! An emergency is when a parent dies and you have to travel cross country quickly. When The hot water tank dies. It's not an emergency when you want to go on vacation or when Christmas is coming! Try to always have at least $1000 in your emergency fund! 6 months of living expenses is even better! 7. Learn something new every day! Read a good book, learn a new skill, research a topic on line! Every day! 8. Store what you need! Buy a little extra along the way, set it aside. Buy stuff when it's on sale! Try to have a 1 month supply of all you use, then expand it to a 3 month supply, keep expanding until you have a 1 year supply. This takes time! But you can do it! 9. Rejoice in your progress! Never get discouraged! Think of this process like eating an elephant: one bite at a time. Rejoice in every little bite! You can do this! 10. Be involved in your community! You can make a difference!

Become a survivor! Become Self Reliant! You can do it!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    One step at a time and the most important of all---
    Belief & sincere prayer to our Father in Heaven. With His help, you can do anything!

    Thank-You so much for this post. I know with all the advice that you have taken time to post here it can help a lot of people out here. A daily reminder to all of us looking to free those certain bill monkeys from our backs.