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Liss Wednesday Workout: Rear End!

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As I mentioned, each day that I workout, I train/work 1 particular muscle group, allowing time in between workouts to let rest. Wednesdays I work a tough area, the Buns!

The key to doing any exercise is not in repetitions as people often think, but in Great Form. If you take the time to truly work the muscle you will see rapid results. I know that it can be frustrating to try to figure out what each exercise is, so be sure to click each link to view the "how to" video.

Liss Wednesday Workout: Rump Workout

  1. Leg Lift Standing - 15-12-15 reps (glutes)
  2. Barbell Lunge - 12-12-12-12 reps
  3. Glute Kickback - 15-12-12reps
  4. Butt Lift - 8-15 reps
  5. Barbell Full Squat 12-12-12
  6. Dumbbell Rear Lunge 12-12-12

What does 12-12-12 Mean? It means that I complete exercise in 3 sets, doing 12 repetitions per set.

Here is a free Printable worksheet of this workout.

I don't have a gym membership, all I have is small 40lb set of free weights that I purchased at Walmart for $20. If you are just starting out and you don't yet have weights, start with bottles of water.

Stay tuned to tomorrow to see Thursdays Workout!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I just have to say how correct you are on the "Great Form". I did not realize the different exercises that I was not doing the correct form until I started using the "Your Shape" for the Wii. When you do it right it doesn't hurt but you can feel the muscles being used!

    Can't wait to see your next advise
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Oh, I've been dying to try that! (The "wii thing!). My mom bought the wii fit plus and has all the new games, I'm so jealous, lol.
    It's not really in the budget right now, but soon I hope.

    I love the wii for days when it's really nasty outside, (although, I find I have a tendency to argue with it, sometimes it's hard to do the yoga moves, watch the screen to make sure your in the stupid yellow circle) and then not give it hell if it tells you, "you're a little unstable".

    Duh, ya think?? I'm trying to bend funky, watch the screen and get a perfect score, of COURSE I'm NOT Stable. Munkybutt machine. Grrr.. lmao
  3. KellyLynn's Avatar
    Hi Liss!!

    I am new here, and your blog is my first interest!! I am miserable!! I am 46 yrs old with a 20 yr old mind!! LOL.. I do not mean I am immature! I just mean I still think young and I am told I still look young, but I am overweight and I am very out of shape! I was not a year and a half ago, I was very active in the job I had, which was managing and cleaning Resort lodging in beautiful Eureka Springs Ar!! I loved it! But at the same time I was dangerously depressed, because I was away from my children for the first time since they were born. My kids are grown, but we are all very close and my husband and I were doing the empty nest syndrome thingy! LOL We decided since the kids were all grown and in school and away from home, we were going to do a very " grown up" thing!! We were going to sell our huge home, and move to our favorite vacation spot!! Eureka!!! Well the first month was great, it was like a vacation in a vacation! We both took time away from work and we just a had a blast!! Then life took over once again,and we settled back into our work! Well anyway work was good exercise but I was so mentally out of it that my body suffered. In Eureka there is an abundance of Organic food available and a lot a heath conscious people with ever ready advice, a wonderful health food store etc!! I was trying desperately to eat right take vitamins and get healthy. Well when I had gotten so sick several times and ended up in the ICU over a 6 year period, my husband decided it was time to take me home. So we moved back to Oklahoma. Unfortunately there is no readily available Organics, no health food store, and most people around here are potato and gravy people and I have been sedentary every since, and it does not take long to loose every bit of muscle in your body!! Ok, now to my ???'s I do not have weight lifting equipment, and there is no gym in our small town. So how can I do the muscle building that I so desperately need?? I do not expect you to have all my answers, I just hoped maybe you had some good advise, I have really enjoyed reading your posts, and I plan on using them to help me reach some goals I have for myself and my marriage!! Thankyou Liss for your wonderful posts!!