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One stressful day

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Woke up to 35 degrees with a warning that when the sun came up it was going to drop real fast and it did. Got the girl's up and we went running and got chores done in 2 hours and got in right when the drizzle and wind hit. Been sitting at 13 most of today. My phone has rang and my son was over drawn so I had to transfer money over to cover him. My friend called saying she was moving because the house she was staying at had frozen water and sewer lines. Then my other son called saying someone grabbed his wallet today while he was at work. He had his birth certificate and SS card in there along with the usual stuff. Will take him to morrow and see if we can get his license replaced. He has already gone to the bank and had his debit card canceled. Then the next call the guy working on my basement called to say his wife had fallen and broke her hip and he was at the hospital with her while they did surgery. and then my girl's called and had slid off the road coming down our big hill which had frozen to solid ice while they were at work today. Took a couple hours but our neighbor finally got them pulled out after 5 of us tried and failed. It's been a long trying day, I can hardly wait for tomorrow! My girl's said it couldn't get any worse and I said oh yes it could! We could of came home and found the house on fire; they could of been hurt or worse... We could live someplace where no body stops to help. Yes things could get worse, just hope they don't! Tomorrow is a new day! Remember in your prayers to count your blessings which even on a day like today are to numerous to count!

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