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The Middle of the night

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I had to stay up late to PU my daughter after work. The temps rose tonight to 34 degrees so hoping for a miracle that all the snow melts! Would love it if the girl's can drive themselves to work again. All our huge snow drifts are more than our little cars can handle so we are down to the truck that only I can drive. Tuesday I have to be in St Joseph, MO most of the day and my girl's both work late afternoon so they'll have to drive themselves. So praying at least enough melting so our little cars will go again! Our neighbor usually plows for us but he's an over the road driver and we haven't seen him come in for almost 2 weeks. We had to go out and hand dig the 15 foot snow drift and I was able to blow through the rest of them along our 1/4 mile driveway. It's been a long week and hopefully this coming week will be a little less stressful. Got a lot to do so glad the weather is better this week, no snow forecast until next weekend. I actually sleep 2 hours and got woke up so hopefully I can get back to sleep soon and get a rare day where I can sleep in if I'm able. My memory has gotten so bad lately. Hope I don't have Alzheimer's like my Grandmother did! But it's probably just because I'm doing to much right now. Got a lot of baking to get done this week to fill baskets for our neighbors. We're all gathering tomorrow to decorate little gingerbread houses to take also. We know our two nearest neighbors pretty well but the others we jsut wave to and don't know very well so we'll stop by all of them within a 2 mile radius to get to know them better and see if any of them need help after so many stopped to help us when we first moved up here 8 years ago. Our girl's are also arranging a party and having friends over later on to show them how to make ginger bread houses. They all got together last month and help make home made ornaments for us to take to one of the Nursing homes we visited this last week. We made December a full service month. Each week we are providing service somewhere in our community. Sure hope lots of melting is going on out there. Taking the girl's back and forth to their fast food jobs plus running back and forth to St Jo to help my son's is getting pretty old this week! Will be glad when the girl's can drive themselves again!

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