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Happy December!

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I really enjoyed today. Was really cold (which I didn't enjoy!) but we had blowing snow all day. the kind that just blows around and sticks in a few isolated places like around the edge of my lake. It looked pretty and started getting me into the Christmas mood. Got cards and stamps but just haven't felt like doing cards yet. Maybe I can get it done this weekend. Spent today running in and out breaking water every few hours for the chickens. The water in their pens is heated but runs out quickly but the big tank outside freezes. I'll go get the stock tank heater to throw in it tomorrow as I'll be gone all day attending a conference and can't depend on anyone being here to break ice again like I did today. I hope our economy improves very soon. So many are out of work and struggling. I'm very grateful we only have the house and utilities to deal with. Back in 2001 we had over $180,000 in debt not including the house! We had no clue how we'd ever make it and then 9/11 happened and DH got mobilized with his guard unit and our income got cut by 70%. I had someone come offer cash for our home but the kids and I had to be out in 6 days with one on a mission and another in the hospital leaving the youngest 3 at home to help. I rented a storage unit and had everyone pack one suitcase and everything else went into storage except the camping gear. We moved out here in the deep country and pitched a tent in the dead of winter. Miracles happened here. Within 2 years I had our debts all paid off and had built a metal building and turned it into a home. I still remember making all the kids come outside the day I went out to our electric meter and hooked us up (just in case something blew up) It was a proud moment that we had hand dug the trench and buried our electric line and hooked it all up by ourselves. Don't give up, don't get discouraged! No matter what you are facing, with the Lord's help you can make it. maybe not like you had planned but it will all work out and you will survive. Life wasn't meant to be easy! But it would be a lot easier if we could stop making stupid mistakes!

Sorry I went somewhere I hadn't planned on going! Listening to my daughter practice new Christmas songs on the piano. We got her a big book of new music yesterday and she's so happy now! Guess I better get to bed soon as I have to be up early to get chores done and then get dressed and out the door for the conference I'm attending tomorrow.

Happy December! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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