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At a Loss

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I'm so use to setting aside 2 days and cooking like crazy and this year I have nothing to do! My 16 yr old daughter begged to cook Thanksgiving dinner all by herself so I bowed out and now have no clue what to do with myself.

I finished up canning the rest of of the beets yesterday and it took me most of the day so yesterday was ok. I made up a jello salad for today and it never set up so maybe it's good I'm not cooking today!

Anyway both the girl's stayed up late last night and made pies and today's Cook got her turkey in the oven around 8am and has most of the side dishes done up ready to take care of when she needs to. So here I am wondering what to do with my free day and stay out of the way of my daughters.

I'm just glad I've reached that stage in my life where I'm willing to let them take over! Oh it's starting to smell really good here! Think I'll go set the table for them!

Hope ya all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Well, Kim's turkey was wonderful as was the whole meal she cooked. I took over kitchen duty and washed up and took care of the food. Even broke down the turkey carcass and made broth. How nice to have such wonderful help. It was very nice to take the day off and be on the clean up crew!