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It is good to set a goal and go for it. I think that all these years I have been scrapping by, and forgetting how to dream. I think we all get there, living day by day.
I found a beatiful home! It is in a great neighborhood, has views to die for. I remember when I was still living back home there were some houses like that, I used to think how great it would be to sit out there and have coffee in the morning. Even then, I used to think but I will never have that. Now it is different, I know with hard work and cutting back as much as possible one day I can have that!
I took the flyer of the home and placed it on the fridge. It says " Our Dream" The nice thing is the whole family is dreaming, dreaming of that perfect home one day. We are all working towards it as a family! This dream is not unreachable. It will take lots of hard work and I am willing to put that work in.
So dream.........dream BIG!

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Oh yes! working toward it as a whole family, you'll make it in no time!