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Being a Mom

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Ok so being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had! And trust me I have worked for some crazy people. Life being a full time mom can be rewarding, but so draining! I have a nine year old that is sooooo spirited that I don't really know what the right answer is, to be honest I never have known the right answer. All I can do is continue to try, try hard, try new things, listen to others advice, and most important of all PRAY. An everyday challenge it is..........but the love is so unconditional. I keep telling myself one day, one day he will be a father and maybe understand maybe an ounce of the love that I feel for him. I am not going to give in, or crack, I will continue to smile and love through it!

"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. " ~Sophia Loren

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar

    Being a Mom is the hardest job you will probably will ever have, but I believe it is the most rewarding. those kisses and hugs are the best payments in the world.

    Sophia Loren quote, really hits the head on the nail. Thank-You.....
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    I can not think of a more rewarding or thankless job than being a mother. You are helping him to be who is meant to be. One day he will all of a sudden turn around and you will know you are doing the job right. I like to think even though they are spirited this is what will make them stronger later. Hard to tell what he will do in life and most leaders have to be spirited! You may have a future president or leader of some sort in your mist. Do keep smiling, loving and teaching it will make him stronger and more independent in the future. Wish you the best!
  3. MorningG's Avatar
    You show your love to him every day. That is worth more than anything in the world. Even though he might not always show it, or say it, he will remember and be greatful when he's grown. Good for you!
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    You know I have always told my boys that they didn't come with a book when they were born. So I do the best that I can each day. I tell them I didn't get instructions on how to do get a laugh out of the one. But it's true, we do the best we can one day at a time. I have this thing that I do when they try to treat me badly. I will ask them how would they feel if I treated them that why. Like if my oldest yells at me because he is mad. I remind him that I am not yelling at him, so would he like it if I yelled back...course the answer is no. With my youngest ( 8 years old) I will tell him that he better throw that bad attitude in the trash, because it's making him looking ugly. It works, he'll go to the trash can and act as if he is throwing it away. Then most of time he'll starting feeling better. Or just going for a walk, we go for walk just to talk about things in life. Sometimes kids feel things and they don't know what to do with the feelings they have. So I let them know that it's okay to feel sad or upset. But talking about does help. I let them know that I'm not going to get mad about anything they say. Kids seem to think that parents are going to get mad at them if they say curtain things. Just let them know that it's okay to get it out. I'm a talker though, and my kids know that if they need to talk, mom is always there. Even if it's not much to us adults, it's a really big deal to them. Trust is a big thing, let them know that they can trust you, if no one else, they can you. Sometimes it's something at school that's going on, let them know that you are there for them no matter what. Everything will fall into place the right way in due time. It won't happen over night.