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The life and mind of Tarrien

Phone drama

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I really really dislike that I'm on a pre-paid phone. I mean it keeps me from being late on payments if I don't have money but for the price I'm paying a month I might as well just get a plan. My phone has been unable to receive or make calls for the past few days... It really makes it hard to get a 2nd job... really hard.

And my last paycheck was destroyed in the mail.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Oh I hate shredded mail! Years ago I got my paycheck in the mail too! Got one in a plastic bag with a note saying sorry but it jammed in mail sorter. No one would cash it so had to take it back into work and they took 6 weeks to replace it. Thank goodness I was married and had DH's paycheck to lean on until they got it replaced! At the same time our phone was a party line, the only option we had then! 7 families sharing 1 line. Trying to get a call in or out was almost impossible!