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The life and mind of Tarrien

wet and rainy

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Its been chilly out. Not quite as bad as it is in the northern states or anything just a bit brisk. I'm working at my new job about 12-16 hours a week for about 5.85(training) hourly. I'm really hoping to get another job soon since obviously that's not enough, even with the tightest budgeting rent would eat 95% of my paycheck if not all of it.

I've been chilling out also. All work and no play will make a young adult go crazy. My friend lent me her DS so its easier to not just go out and wander then spend money.

Borrowing my friend's computer. Its nice to play around on the internet sometimes just for kicks.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Holy crud! $5.85 while training??? Even in the boondocks where I'm at the kids get $6.25 while training and older folks get at least $6.65 while training. Sure hpe you can find a decent job soon! And one with enough hours to be worth while! Good luck to you there in Austin! At least you have some hope that the Sun might actually shine down there!