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Friday the Sun will shine

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We were promised a bright sunny day today after weeks of gloom and rain. Started out so foggy you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and finally around 10:30 the sun broke through. We all cheered! Girl's had to dash off to work and I got into my chore boots and headed out to take care of livestock. The girl's hadn't gotten the chicken coop winter ready so I took care of that so now when the real cold weather hits they'll be able to make the final connection so the water doesn't freeze and the light has a timer set for them also. I've wore myself out and have taken a couple days off canning to recover so I don't throw myself out of remission. Kids said they would steam and peel beets this weekend and watch movies as they do so. Then I can pick back up next week and finish the beets up quickly if they get them all done up for me. Moving the carrots into the basement fridge for now and the potatoes and onions down to the store room. The boys promised to set the dehydrator up for me when they are all here for Thanksgiving. Got the kitchen mostly cleaned up and going to clean out both fridges next so it's ready for the girl's when they start working on their Thanksgiving stuff. Thinking I'll take a long hot shower and then sneak in a nap while the house so nice and quiet.

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