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Todays canning

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I canned beets today. Plain beets in the pressure canner and pickled beets in the water bath canner so was able to do both batches at the same time and be done today. I suppose I should do all of one thing until it's done but I get sick of it that way. Something different each day livens it up. Did apples all the way through so they wouldn't go bad but now that I'm doing root crops that will hold several months, I decided to 2 two batches a day of whatever I wanted to do. got some down time now so will read a book and maybe take a nap before I have to go to class tonight. The workers came back today and finished sanding the basement and installed our pellet stove down there. Now my son's can go paint Thanksgiving day and finish getting the walls all primed.

We signed up to work at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day. 5 to 7PM checking people in. I thought we could sleep in Christmas Day and then have a big Brunch before making the couple hour drive down to Kansas City. After we get done we can go to the Plaza Area and wlak around and enjoy the lights. It will make it a special day for us. We'll have Christmas on New Years Day when DH gets back home. Oh my, I'm falling asleep trying to write this! Glad I'm done for today.

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