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Canning today

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Sitting here watching the pressure cooker gage. Got sweet Potatoes getting canned today or at least a couple of batches. Takes a whole 1 1/2 hours at 10 lbs pressure to process them though. Read a couple chapters in my book on the first batch and now I'm surfing the web. Rest of my beets and cabbages came in today so will be doing beets tomorrow. My daughter loves beets. I'm not a big fan except with them in the V-8 juice I've been making this week. We use a lot of V-8 juice and home made is so much better than store bought. We didn't get hardly any tomatoes this year so hadn't canned our usual stuff. When I was in Sam's Club last week I noticed #10 cans of whole tomatoes were just $2 so got 4 of them. Not as good as home grown but it sure is replenishing our pantry with juice. We'll buy a bunch of tomatoes on our next trip and do much more V-8 and also pizza sauce. Have arranged to get a side of beef after the first of the year. Between all we've done we should be in great shape at that point. Will start working on getting the canned items I need for my 91 day menu we came up with after that and by summer we should have everything we need for a full year and start replenishing with our garden for the next year. Another half hour to go. Guessing I'll have lots of time to read with the canning I have left to do! Get it out of my system before the Holiday rush starts up!

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    I was so excited to read you were canning beets, I was like, YUM, I WISH my beets had made it this year!! I love home canned beets and pickled beets. I think I'm the only one in the house that actually eats them. Would you care to share a pic of your finished jars and your recipe for canning them? I could add it to the Home Canning "Grow your own Groceries" section of the site.
    I know when I first started canning I read and reread every recipe I could find half a gazillion times lol.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    I posted the recipes just now in general recipes. I just sent my son home with a couple cases of beets as he was here this weekend and wanting them badly and we still have about 60 more pounds to go through tomorrow. I'll take pictures and see if I can figure out how to up load it! We only got baby tators, sweet potatoes and beets this year due to the very short season and all that rain! Finishing up our beds this winter and will be able to make each bed into mini green houses to extend the season at both ends. Hopefully this coming garden will be much better! Thank goodness our local seed supply place brings in bulk produce every Fall for great prices! Swimming in green beans this year though! Glad something grew very well in the cool rainy season we had and well still seem to have! Had a friend from church who has an orchard so got 6 bushel's of Apples for $6 a bushel for helping pick for a day.