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The Long Week

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It has been an unusually warm beautiful week here. It's been wonderful after such a cool wet summer! I spent the entire week canning and I'm wore plumb out. Got cases full of applesauce, apple butter and several kinds of jam, apple juice and V-8 juice and just got started on the veggies today. They go a lot slower as they have to be pressure cooked for so long. Hope to be done with the veggies this coming week before the deer starts coming in. Meat has to be pressure cooked for a very long time. It's always so rewarding to hear those lovely pings as the jars seal after being canned. I need to get all those rooms in the basement painted tomorrow. Guess I'll see how far I can get. Both the girl's go to work early tomorrow so they can get off in time to go to the regional dance in Kansas City so I'll need to be done by 5PM so I can take them. My new kitchen Range has finally came in so while they are at the dance I can go get it loaded up in the truck. It's been hard surviving without an oven when I bake all our bread. My contractor said he'd be able to install it Monday if it came in. My girl's are really excited as they are going to cook Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Hard to make pies without an oven not to mention the Turkey! They blew a tire a couple nights ago and no one had their tire size so they had to order them in. They came in today but he's to tied up with tractor tires to deal with hers before Monday. It's put a real damper on our days running everyone around when they have different schedules and one of them works two different places. Guess our world will be made right on Monday! It's been a great week so looking forward to the next one! Hope you have a good one too!

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