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Seasons Changes

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The seasons are changing so fast any more. I'm already missing the summer nights on my swing (such comfort). That swing has so many memories in it. Next year I'll have to invest in newer cushions (go hunting at the yard sales or goodwill) I have another new mission.
We had Indian Summer this past week--the temp here were in the 70's all week long--boy was that nice. Then Saturday night the winds came in strong here and blew everything that wasn't tied down a good mile away. So with saying that, the leaves are almost all gone from the trees too. For sure winter is making it's way here.. "Kim" can't hold all that cold and snow where she is for ever. Yes Kim you can say it SNOW !!! with a double yuck my bones are aching at the thought of old man winter.. I just hope artho doesn't take me down this year (it's all Thur my back & neck)..DH has no desire to go South--where it's warmer. Loves the water here or should I say Lake Erie is one of his friends..Lolll
I cleaned my gardens out a few weeks ago. The weather wasn't in my favor this year for my gardens (nights were kind of cooler then usual here this year). My sons even put in a small plot this year..Even tho they are older they still have head competitions between themselves.. They try not to let me hear their nipping at each other--but it's there.. Argument about who's going to use the tiller lollll come on who really cares as long as it gets done... Only if they would do that with the dishes....
I really have missed everyone here. Some catching up is in line...
Hugs from N. Ohio...

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    JoAnn nice to see you post . We have had snow a few times already then within a couple of days it warms (if you can call it that) into the upper 40's. The rain has been the problem here recently, days of it. I am on the count down until spring, only six months for sure!
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    After freezing last Spring and all Summer it's suddenly decided to warm up this week. In the 70's each day although it fall's to 30 each night. Will enjoy it while I got it! Not looking forward to winter here either! So sick of all the rain we've had this year and worried the rain will change to snow and keep on falling! At least I get to enjoy one more wonderful warm week!