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Halloween Alternative

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Halloween used to be one of my fav Holiday's. But things and beliefs have changed so much for me in the past 7 years. Usally we go to church and do a harvest family fun night, but with the economy being so ruff, they are not doing it this year.
So we found another church that is doing a free trunk n treat, we will get a 7.99 Jack O lantern pizza from papa murphy's and watch it's a great pumpkin. Hopefully that will be entertaining enough for the kids. They will get to dress up and get candy so we should have fun.
What are all of you gonna do?

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    My oldest 14. is taking the 11, and 8 year old trick or treating. I'm doing up the house with black lights and brewing up some rootbeer with dry ice to serve to the neighborhood kids..... And I'm dressing up. The bride of Frankenstein.
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    We are in an area that we don't end up with any trick or treaters or have too many neighbors who turn on their lights. Tonight one is going to a school dance "Pink Dance" all money goes to the local Breast Cancer Awareness program. The other two are doing a scout pizza and movie in costume. Tomorrow when it gets dark we will turn out all lights and night lights in the house. Light the pumpkins and the boys will have glow sticks to go around the house to hunt for candy that will be hid. Only rule is no lights or flashlights and all the candy goes into a big bowl for everyone to share together. Then it will be movies with a couple of older boys (13) then hopefully everyone will be able to sleep with little nightmares.
  3. brchbell's Avatar
    We are so far out, miles for anything or anyone. We make a pinata every year with candy and goodies and make pizza or chili and watch a movie. This year everyone is here tonight and it will only be me tomorrow so we made pizza's up and are watching "Them" (1954) and will do the pinata soon.