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Yippee for leftovers!

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Thank goodness my husband and I both love lasagna. The deal was too good to pass up at the store, a 5lb tray of meat lasagna with four cheeses (frozen) for only $9.99. Up here in Ontario Canada, that is a good deal. We had it on Sunday night with a visiting niece and nephew and tonight (Tuesday) ate the last little bit. For a frozen lasagna it was very very good, and my husband is from an Italian background where fresh is always best. So, then I find it relaxing to get onto the budget101.com sight, while he is reading in the corner. We are still adjusting to life without our son here as he is away at university. I did a little laundry after work that Doug had started and now I realize I should go to bed as tomorrow is another working day. Things are very slow at work, as in the past few years we have encouraged customers of the bank to use online banking and Automatic Teller Machines, so they rarely have to come into the bank. I love the interaction with our more senior clients and as the end of the month approaches, they will be coming in. Friday Oct 30th we have a parade in town called "Tiny Tots" where parents, grandparents and children get dressed up and go trick or treating from business to business, it is really fun to see!

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Well I'm not to much of a fan of leftovers! If it's good then there are no leftovers, if it's not so good then we're domed to have it over again. But of course we've gone to permanent menus and if we hit a loser we scratch it off and find something better! But I love DH's suggestion that we pre-plan left overs to use on Sunday so we don't have to cook. Just dump it into the crockpot on low and come home from church and eat! Your Tiny Tots parade sounds like fun! We're to far from anything so just enjoy life here on our farm. All my son's are coming home this weekend so we'll have a big home made pizza party and have fun. Maybe dear ole Dad can find a time he can call home from his current deployment so we touch base with everything that day!
  2. Happytosave's Avatar
    Oh Brchell, when your husband is away it must be so hard! But I am sure that your children are a great support for you, take care!