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10 Years Today

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10 years ago today I got marride. Hard to believe. I think back on that day, I was 20 years old, with an 7 month baby. It seemed as if nothing in the world would ever be able to burst my bubble! LOL How times have changed. How the DH and I have changed, grown, added one more child to our lives. Seems like we have only been marride sometimes for a few years, and other times it feels like one hundred years. Especially after the past year that I have had with him. But I am grateful that the good Lord has kept us together. I guess we beat the odds that most couples get when they get marride as young as we did. Hopefully we will have another good 10 more years, shoot maybe even 50! Blessings!

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Congrats! I was 20 when I got married too! 5 kids later we're working on year 34 with plenty of ups and downs! Life is great and just remember when to give and when to take the boost and say thanks! We're together forever and I hope you are too!