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My ship is about to arrive

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Today is a beautiful Autumn day. From my chair I've watched the leaves turning from green to their beautiful Autumn colors this week. They were mostly green last weekend and now they are mostly Autumn colors. Don't have any really red trees but lots of yellows, oranges and browns. I know they'll be bare before I know it!

After month's of dealing with the military screw ups that has left us in a very big financial hole they have finally gotten DH his orders so he can go to work where he is currently deployed and He will be paid this coming Friday for the last month then get paid on the first from now on. We were beginning to think we'd have to pay his way home "again". Since last March it has been so hard for our National Guard troops. Since 9/11 they have been repeated sent off to fight. But since March 2009 things have been really messed up. You get deployed and after a couple weeks you find out your government credit card is turned off and you aren't getting paid. Then you find out your orders were canceled so you have to find your own way home and pay for it out of pocket along with any thing you spent while you were gone! Between one of those deployments and several deaths of major appliances here at home our emergency fund is long gone and we are buried in a very deep hole. But Thursday morning he got his orders covering him until January so he faxed them into his home units finance office and we now know he is getting last month's pay on October 23rd. This isn't an isolated incident. We've heard horror stories from guard friends all over the country. My husbands unit is beside themselves but they don't know how to protect their troops as the 1st time DH had orders in hand only to have them recended after he got over there. This time he was given a ticket and ordered to go and they said they won't do that anymore until they actually have the orders in hand. It's a mess and I'll be so glad when he retires next August! This coming paycheck will pay for the past mess and bring us current. It's always nice when your ship comes in!

It makes it a lot nicer to sit in my chair and stare out over the lake and watch Autumn happening all around me. Not to mention I sleep a lot better!

Hope you have a beautiful day where ever you are too!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Enjoy your view, sounds like it has been long coming and well deserved!
  2. Happytosave's Avatar
    Your writing is painting quite a picture of life for a military spouse, we don't realize how hard it really is. Take heart that others keep you in their thoughts. Enjoy the paycheque on the 23rd! Take big deep breathes and focus on his retirement next year! But live each moment now! Thinking of you from Toronto Ontario Canada!