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Dinner and a Musical

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My DH was recently diagnosed with diverticulitus. The past three days he was on a strict liquid diet for his colonoscopy (spelling?) today. As a matter of fact when I purchased the 20 boxes of jello (he's a big guy and that's all he ate for 3 days) the woman behind me said "Boy, you must really love jello." I thought it was funny and wanted to say something clever back...of course, nothing came to mind.

Well, today was the procedure and I had to get up at 3:30am to get cleaned up and take him to the hospital where he works which is an hour away. He did well with the test. They did remove one pollup, which we will have to wait for the results.

Anyways, they didn't warn me in advance of the musical I would endure for the hour ride home and of course all throughout dinner. It seems that during this test air gets trapped and creates a no-orderous gas...lots of gas. Well, just in case any of you get the joy of doing this wonderful procedure...don't invite dinner guests!

Needless to say today was an interesting day. I learned more about the human colon then I care to and I had a wonderful dinner...with of course music

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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    Oh I am sorry to hear that he is not feeling well! I have been there with my dh, he ended up with surgery.
    LMAO the singing and gas that is sooooo funny. Hope he feels better!
  2. jaime's Avatar
    Thanks beans! I thought everyone could use a good laugh. He is feeling much better tonight. We both like to look at the humorous side of it. The doctor thought that all would turn out ok. So we are pretty positive.
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    Glad to hear that the procedure went well. I had no clue about the music, wonderful that you can look at the bright side! Thank goodness it was non-ordorous! Could you imagine, ugh!

    Let us know what you hear with the biopsy.
  4. jaime's Avatar
    Thanks Kim! I will let you all know how it turns out. I am so glad it wasnt in surround smell LOL
  5. brchbell's Avatar
    I have to endure this procedure every 3 years so know no company 3 days before and 2 days after to make sure I'm back where I should. I hate doing this! But the prepping is definitely the worst part!
  6. lynniesue's Avatar
    I agree on the prepping part brchbell.I had my first one this year and not planning for any repeats any time soon