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Nikki Valentine

Making Headway

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I spent all last evening paying bills. Most people think that sounds terrible, however it was really nice to be able to see exactly where money is going and actually see some difference.

What kind of difference can it make to pay a bill? Well it's definitely reduced the number of calls to my phone!

I had reached the point where I was so tired of answering questions about when I could pay the bill. Really, it seems as if they think I [U]want[/U] to be debt. Who in their right mind [U]wants[/U] to be in debt?

I think we need to have an overhaul of how bill collectors are allowed to contact us consumers and what they are allowed to say. I read recently that a collection company is being sued for using bullying tactics. I know that in my own experience I have received phone calls as late as 11pm my time and even on Saturday and Sunday. It is easy to understand how some people can become overwhelmed with the pressure of it all and take drastic measures.

I have us nearly caught up on all of our past due payments and for the first time ever I was able to pay the water bill [U]before[/U] it came due. I was astounded and it felt so good.

I am positive that with the plan that I have put into place, we are going to be able to start paying off balances next month. I have also determined that if I continue this path, pay off the balances of the credit cards and loans (which will be fully complete by about June of 2010), I can apply all of those funds towards our mortgage and we will have it paid off in 23 months. 23 months!! I am in awe and now instead of dreading our paydays I look forward to each and every one.

I have used Google Calenders to list all of the due dates, then I put on all of our pay days and other incoming money and I assign each pay day specific bills to pay and set aside the budgeted amount of money for household items and groceries.

Last week we finished with almost $100 in the bank. I can't remember the last time that happened to us. It was amazing.

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