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Don't you just love recipes? I do! Between my restricted diet and food allergies I have to adapt most of them. But I love getting new recipes! I love looking at them and figuring out how to adapt them. Most of them I can adapt to whole grain/sugar free. It's been fun learning so many new things as I learn to live without any simple sugars or simple starches. I'm deathly allergic to mushrooms. I swell up and stop breathing within 2 minutes. I grew up eating mushrooms and love them so much so when the day hit I reacted was quite a shock. 30 years later I still think "this or that" would of tasted better with mushrooms in it! But at least it was something I really could live without. I can't imagine being allergic to wheat! I love bread and don't think I could live without my wheat! DH is suddenly allergic to Onions. Breaks out with thick huge hives from head to foot. But we learned if we dry the onions and grind it to a powder he's ok with it so not so bad as we can still get the flavor of it. It's fun to work around things and learn and grow. My whole family has learned that whole grains are so much better and much more filling. Home made without fillers and unknown ingredients are much better. When we have taco's we each eat 6 or more when we were using store bought shells. When we started making our own from scratch we could only eat 1 or 2 and the shells tasted much better. I learned that hand grinding popcorn makes great corn meal. Whole grains are much better to store and then grind as you need them. I bought a really good electric grinder and made sure I had a really good hand grinder. I use the electric grinder daily and my hand grinder I use several times a week to crack grains for hot cereal or to make corn meal. In place of white flour I use equal amounts of brown rice, barley and oat groats. The only time anyone noticed it wasn't white flour was when I made angel food cake with it. I'm going to try that again adding 2 T. cornstarch for each cup of flour to see if that makes a difference. My yeast breads are made with equal amounts of hard red and hard white winter wheat. I so love collecting recipes and figuring out how to use them!

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  1. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I love recipes also -I have boxes of them -My husband grandmother loved collecting them -so I also have all of hers and hoping to putting my favorites in a book . I like to swap things out to either things my family does not like or allergic to. I love mushrooms -that would be tough , but I would deal if It was my life . Take care & stay warm
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    I'm taking my family favorite recipes and making recipe books along with pictures and stories to give to my kids. I wanted to make sure they had all the recipes before I depart. Thought it would be a great Christmas gift this year.
  3. CoolCat's Avatar
    Great Post, thank you for sharing your ideas! It must've been a shock when your dh reacted to the onions- how scary!