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Well let's see.. I have no insurance so I've been off of my anti-anxiety meds for over a week. I'm waiting to (hopefully) be approved for medicaid.

But one thing that I have noticed is how inspired I am! OMG!! If you don't know, anti-anxiety medications stop racing thoughts and most random thoughts.

Which includes unfortunately my best ideas. My most creative ideas. I've heard it been said many many times that this happens on anti-phsycotic medication but I never totally GOT IT! Like on the way home from work I was thinking about what design to carve into my pumpkins this year. I've already have 3 ideas. Hopefully I can get up enough money to get the pumpkins. But the inspiration is kind of blowing me away.

Until the next time...

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    It's always amazing how much medications can affect us! Hope your Medicaid comes through soon but glad you are able to have your creative side for a while!
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    It's always great to remove inhibitions. Do you happen to have an aldi's store near you? I found rather large pumpkins there yesterday for $1.99 each- About half the price of walmart.

    On the medication thing.. have you checked Walmarts prescriptions for reduced cost medicine? They have quite a few listed under Mental Health.
    Walmart.com: Hundreds of Prescription Drugs and Over-The-Counter Medications for Just $4 at the Walmart Pharmacy
    They might be comparable to what you were taking. (Or you could just go with having some really cool ideas... at all hours of the day and night )
  3. kristalldrache's Avatar
    While waiting on a decision for Medicaid, hope it approves btw, Check the pharmacutical site for the maker of your meds. Most of them have a program for free or at least reduced maintenance medication. I get mine thru Phizer...every three months for free. Thank Goodness! I have no insurance either so this is a life saver!