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Jumping right in

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So last night I wrote some of my 10 page essay due on Sunday. I have been writing for about 20 minutes a night. I also made dinner, french toast. Kids love it when we have breakfast for dinner. The sale ads came out yesterday so tonite I have to make the grocery list. $60 for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully I can stretch that dollar. I decided that I am going to clean the house one part at a time. Last night I cleaned the junk pile of the end of the counter. A lot of useless stuff there. I threw a bunch of old mail in the shredder and the rest is in a bag, waiting to be put away. I feel as though I am transfering piles to other parts of the house but oh well. Today is going to be horiibly busy at work, with taxes due in a week, but hopefully I won't have to bring it home with me tonite. Tonite I clean the top of the microwave and fridge. Yuck!!! I have been asking my children to clean their room for 15 minutes every night this week. They haven't touched it. Tonight I turn into mean mommy and they are picking up something. Well I am off for today. Everyone have a great one.

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