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Nikki Valentine

Great Start to a New Goal

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Well I sat down and utilized the greatness that is Google Calendar. I placed all of our paydays on there, all of our bills on the date due, then I assigned the bills to the payday just before they are due. This is going to save us a ton of money in late fees. I managed to pay 5 of our bills out of my paycheck alone. One of our balances is below $300 now and I think that by the end of the month I might have enough left over to pay it off. That means that I will be able to apply all the extra money plus the minimum balance I've been spending on that one onto another bill.

We did some reviewing of our menu and have put together a fantastic menu that will keep us at about $150 a month. I had a conversation with my parents and my husband with his grandmother and we each addressed the fact that while we love to include them in our dinners and will continue to do so every so often we can no longer do it on a daily basis. I expected a bit of push back and temper flaring (they live right down the hill from us so we often make extra and send it down to them) I was surprised because after we explained it to them, my parents apologized for not thinking of us enough to understand the impact and they offered to have the kids down for meals once a week to help us stretch our money and Grandma has offered to give us some money to help us cover her portions (Grandma does not cook at all).

I also dragged out my lunch containers so that I can start taking my lunches to work. This is going to save me between $5-$10 a day. I work right around about a dozen fast food places so I am paying for the convenience of having to not get up early and get things prepared. Some of the girls that I work with are going to start bringing theirs too so I will have someone to sit with. I really hate eating alone.

I feel so good about the start of our new endeavor and I'm very excited to see where we are at the start of next month.

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