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Exhaustion and out of time

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Worked hard for several days and got a lot done but not enough but no time left. Still have sweet potatoes to get pulled and the rest of the tomatoes. Light freeze this morning but will rain the rest of the week and by Friday turn much colder with lows around 20 so we really have to get the garden finished. Got the chickens moved to the new chicken coop so I can reclaim my garage now. Got lots of stuff done today but so exhausted we can't hardly move. So tired no one even wants to eat. Got classes tonight so I told everyone to take a break and we'll head out. Guess we have to go pull sweet potatoes in the rain and 40 degrees tomorrow to get it done. Trying to get the house reclaimed after our mad dash. But the good news is that the garden is the last thing we had to do.

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  1. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    seems like winter is coming fast this year - the weather man is already saying maybe snow for Saturday -hope he's wrong like normal -lol
  2. Happytosave's Avatar
    It's only October and you are already talking snow,,,,,,,brrrrrrrrr, here in Toronto area we had nasty rainy August and Sept. was a real Indian summer, now thought the cold is sound like a very busy lady who had a very successful garden!