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life issues

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So I just moved in with a friend of mine, who I knew from the get go wasn't exactly stable. She already put 3 holes into her apartment walls from getting angry. (Any suggestions on how to fix this? I kinda don't want to be held responsible later on for it.*)

I've been really stressed out since she had me call a friend to talk to (I thought he could help since he's a really stable guy*) So they talk... She feels better after and we end up just hanging out the rest of the night. The next day the guy she talked to is in emotional distress from her talking to him last night. Apparently she screamed at him and attacked him verbally when I was in the bathroom or when she stepped outside for privacy. I got thoroughly yelled at from his best friend because "I was the one that called him" Which is true but I had no idea that would happen.

Next my best friend yells at me for asking her for help to just get a ride somewhere since she had a small emergency going on. She dropped me off elsewhere while she ran off. Good news is I was able to get a really good thorough interview with a potential job if someone ends up having class. After she took care of it, she apologized and invited me over for pasta. So things got better... or so I thought.

My ex-roommate ended up harassing me the next day for a key to our old apartment. I couldn't make it to where he was, that and I had my current room mate and a few other people on my back for not baby sitting her. (I am NOT her keeper, she's just as much of an adult as I am, there's no reason for this...) I know the key is important and stuff but I couldn't get it to him.

The next day I just turned off my phone since I had it. Apparently my ex-roommate was texting me. He came over to my best friend's house without me inviting him or even saying I was over there (which after he broke her jaw, they haven't been on good terms which I really don't blame my best friend for*) He knocked at the door for 5 minutes. My best friend and I just stared at each other. She threw the key somewhere where neither of us know where it is. He left. Later he sent her text messages saying "I'm like a magician, I make everything disappear" with pictures of a few things I left at the old apartment since I was unable to transport them. He sent like 10 or so pictures. My best friend called 911 about it. They said they'd investigate, which I really, REALLY hope they do since I'm freaked out. He's gone off the deep end and I'm pretty sure since he hasn't a lot to do, he might come back and cause some irreversible damage...

Honestly... if he was that freaked out about a key, which is $1 to make.... I don't know if he's going to do something drastic later.... And for that I'm scared... I'm paranoid and I don't feel safe anymore... anywhere. Even if I would move states away, I still feel like he might go searching or something...

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Oh Tarrien, hope you are alright. Abuse comes in many forms and this all sounds very abusive in so many different ways. Hope things will begin to go better for you.