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The life and mind of Tarrien

Job Hunt *pow*

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Today was not the best day. My new roomate caused a ruckus the previous night so I got blamed for a majority of the damages. >_o Not fun.

I ended up running off since I really don't have the patience for dealing with things that were out of my control. My best friend picked me up and dropped me off at a large shopping center so I could make a copy of the key. So after I let her run off I went on the prowl.

Got an interview with a really awesome pizza place that makes 5 foot pizzas. Now obviously I'm more morbidly curious than anything. But apparently I'm the only applicant on the list so hopefully *fingers crossed* There's also a lot of places I just didn't get to everything.

I'm really really hoping I'll get some good news soon. From anywhere really... It gets dull when you don't have a job, or go to school.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Best of luck to you! Hope you are making Pizzas real soon! Really hope you can find a decent normal room mate soon too!