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A beautiful Autumn Day

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It started out pretty nippy this morning and took until 2PM to get warm enough to work without a jacket. Got a lot done today. Scrubbed all the wood in Kitchen, dining room and living room with oil soap. Got the new chicken coop fenced in. Made Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies and a big pot of Potato soup. Helped my son pack up some of his stuff and got him on the road after his dentist appointment. Had a good day. High of 62 today. So tired I can hardly move. Got a lot to do tomorrow. Planning a regional Preparedness Fair and got the home school planning meeting at noon. DH has to go to St Jo for his PT test. Feel like a day to go soak in the hot tub. Sure hope I'm not coming down with anything but not use to feeling this sore and tired! Have to be at Ft Leavenworth on Thursday after taking DH to the Airport for his move to Houston but He'll be back New Years Day. The Kids & I decided to have Christmas on Jan 1st this year! They are so excited. They said we should have a great time shopping at the after Christmas sales and find great stocking stuffers, ect. We only buy stuff for stocking stuffers and make our gifts for the last several years. Hope DH doesn't feel as stiff and sore as I do! Definitely a hot tub night!

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