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When will it be our turn?

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Things just seem to be getting worse every day. We're being hit from so many sides. I've been watching how our government is hitting so many different places in our country. California is being turned into a dust bowl and they have over 40% unemployment because our federal government has turned off the water to them. We are now having to import much more of our food and due to the deceased food being produced there is now a world wide shortage in several items. I read a blog at : The Totally Ready Blog Today's blog talked about this problem and at the bottom are 3 links to video's you can watch. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere else in the country! I'm a farmer and this story scares me to death! I don't accept any government aid. I've refused all their programs. But yet I'm hearing things this year about things the federal government is going to force us to do or stop doing that could well end farming for most of us in the mid-west. I could worry myself to death with all this but I am doing my best to stay out of debt and storing what me and my family might need to survive and I have put my trust in the Lord. I've done all that I can and have to rely on Faith to cover us with whatever will happen. I hope you are preparing too, for soon it might be to late!

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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    There's also a larger scale problem. Because the world is much more dependent on all countries that are considered "thriving"... if one falls I have a feeling there's a chain reaction.

    But there's also a lot of people starting to grow their own food...No one can be 100% sure what will happen, but I'm not too terribly concerned yet...