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Frugal and Proud!

Coupon Revelation

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Yesterday I was so proud of the amout of groceries and toiletries I got for just under $40. I thought it was my best shopping trip yet...that is until last night.

Last night I was re-reading my Tightwad Gazette book...I read all 3 at least once a year. Anyway, I was reading an article in it on coupons when two things hit me (I'm sure most of you know this already, but I thought wow why didnt I see that before).

One was that although you have a coupon for a convience item, it doesnt pay to use it if it is something that you can make for less at home. Homemade is also healthier and not full of preservatives. You may also fall into the trap of getting your taste buds use to the taste and get hooked on the product. I was surprised to see how many coupons I had for convience foods I would not normally purchase. Even if I had a coupon to get the item for free....which I did...if it is something I don't normally use, why buy it? Well, one of my freebies yesterday was a lunchable for my dd. Which brings me to the second aha, I got the lunchable for free and thought it would be a nice treat for dd. Thank goodness she understands it is a treat and wont badger me for more. Anyway, my second thought was what type of environmental impact does the product have. Well, we all know we can make the contents of the lunchable for less, healthier, and of course skip all the fancy I got to thinking about jello cups. I usually only buy them when I can get it for free, I never thought about the environmental impact. (Normally I do may jello at home...for the record)

Well, to sum it all up. I spent the rest of the night cleaning out my coupons. I feel kind of silly just realizing these things now, but better late than never. Thanks for listening my friend.

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    We learn something new everyday. Aren't those light bulb moments wonderful?
  2. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I do not buy anything I normally would because of a coupon. And the last free box of waffles I recieved was terriable.I have a master gr. shopping list I follow . I know I need so many of each item to make it through the month. I have a four week menu for the daycare so I know what I am fixing every day. My family I just make whatever they are easy pleasers. Most of the time I have found the store brand is cheaper than the brand with a coupon -unless on sale -I am a Sams club person and wal-mart -where I live there are not a lot of choices for stores and wal-mart beats most of their prices- unless on sale-then I will go get it. Between shopping trips I go to our local store to get milk and bread -it very small and you could not afford much there. I also make a lot from scratch - much cheaper and I try and not buy or serve processed food items to my daycare or family. . Bobbi
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    The free items are nice but do leave an impact, not to mention that the kids don't completely understand that they will not be getting it anymore. Glad your daughter understands that it was a special treat. Got to love those aha moments huh
  4. brchbell's Avatar
    Yes, we've all done it! I've come to realize that I actually spend more using most coupons than I would if I didn't use them because they had me buying things (even free things) that I normally didn't buy! I still use coupons but I only clip for items I actually use normally!
  5. jaime's Avatar
    Thanks all...I am so glad I had my aha moment. Now coupons will only be used for things we acutally use normally
  6. tsgal's Avatar
    I'm with you all on this one. I only use coupons for the things that I use. It does cost more sometimes to buy something with the coupon, and it is cheaper to buy the off brand. Which I do all the time. And I also do alot of my shopping at Wal Mart, because it's cheaper in my area than going to the local grocery store. We live in a very small town. But I love some of the freebie coupons I get, they come in handy, my last one is for a free box of Lipton tea. And that's what kind of tea I buy, so it worked out.