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Breaking My Own Rules Again

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In our home we follow rules, not just your typical family living arrangement rules, like whose job it is to clean this or that, but also financial rules.
Yesterday I was lamenting the cost of bagels, the fact that they have risen to $2.29 for a package of 6. My husband, being the wonderful man that he is, called me on his way home from work asking if I needed anything on his way through town, and I did. I needed Bread Flour, because I was out and I wasn't about to pay $2.29 for 6 lousy bagels when I could make my own.
What I hadn't counted on, was that he would discover boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.16 a pound and come home with 30 lbs of it.

Normally, I would be ecstatic, but friends, my freezer is so full of food, I literally couldn't fit an ice cube. So we headed down to Lowes and found a wonderful 6.8 cubic foot freezer for $218. Unfortunately, they didn't have any in stock, except for the floor model, which was rather dirty and dusty and had a scratch on the backside. So I asked the gentlemen how much would he knock off the price for the floor model and pointed out it's apparent flaws. He said they would sell it for $150. SOLD.

So we loaded her into the back of the truck and headed back to walmart to get some more chicken. Folks, I now have 75 lbs of chicken (all for $87) and luckily, I now have a little extra freezer room for making some zuchinni cakes & apple pie filling.

Upon finally returning home I still had bagel dough rising and had to boil and then bake my homemade bagels,(and at this moment, my oldest is finishing off the last one with some homemade applebutter on it, so now I've got to get my rear in gear and make some more.

As if that weren't enough in itself, dh had to be on a jobsite several hours away, so we got up at 2:30 this morning (to have coffee together) before he had to rush off to work. It's only a little after 4, and I'm ready to hit the sheets. LOL.

How is your week going so far?

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  1. mdowdy's Avatar
    Oh lets see my week is consisting of paper writing. I have three papers to do this week and finals next week ugggg! I am also trying to come up with some more ways to cut some of the bills down, I have managed to get my cell bill down $20.00 and gained 200 more minutes in the process and working on grocery ideas. Sounds like you have had a very busy day, sometimes I wonder how you manage to fit everything in. You always have great freebies etc and I have learned they are not easy to find. That was a really good deal on chicken, I would have a heartattack if my other half had done anything like that. I am also trying to figure out where I can put a freezer to take part in some of these great deals I run across. My kitchen is so small though as well as my house I am at a loss at the moment. But anyway, thank you for all you do.
  2. blndemom23's Avatar
    Liss~ you made me tired just READING all you did yesterday, lol! That is PURELY a stereotypical Monday! But what an awesome deal on all that chicken and the freezer! Good Job!!!

    I have nothing planned really this week except running to our farmers market to stock up on fresh produce and meats. I have a meeting with Matthews(my 9 yr old son) teacher on Thursday since it seems being social to him is much more fun than doing his work in class, lol. Aubrey (12 yr old daughter) has tennis lessons weds. and fridays that I take her too. I also need to go through Haileys toy boxes and get rid of some things and take them to the Goodwill, because her toys are starting to take over the family room again and she barely even pays attention to half of them!
  3. Liss's Avatar
    I also need to go through Haileys toy boxes and get rid of some things and take them to the Goodwill, because her toys are starting to take over the family room again and she barely even pays attention to half of them!
    You know, one thing that I tend to do with my kid is to take a couple rubbermaid tubs and take 1/2 of their toys/games and put them in the tub, hide it in your attic/garage/basement, whatever for about 45-60 days. Out of site, out of mind. After the time is up, I pack up the Other half of the toys and pull the "new" ones out. Then, they have new stuff to play with without having to Buy new stuff. Know what I mean? When they have it all in front of them everyday, they don't seem to appreciate it or use it. But when it's divided up and disappears for a few weeks, they seem more than happy to have them back and actually play with them again.

    Just a thought.
  4. faxonfive's Avatar
    Wow!! I am in awe!! Get any rest yet Liss?? You are my hero!!

    Well my week has been a bit rough but getting better!!!

    Went to Church Sunday morn and after leaving had to rush to the hospital to be with "pops" cause my mother-in-law passed away Sunday afternoon - so I am in the process of planning a wake. God is with me!!

    Didnt get much sleep Sunday night cause our dog outside wouldnt stop barking. She is in a 10 foot high pen that accomadates her very well (she is a sheltie). Even after checking in on her a couple times she seemed to become restless and continue to bark. I normally get up at 5:30 every morning - this morning no difference - I made breakfast and woke this kids to get ready for me to take them to school. (they have to be at school at 7am - they have an extra class so that they can graduate with an advanced degree) My son (AJ) takes our two boxers for their morning walk and my daughter (Deanne) goes out to feed our three chickens (great for eggs to use and sell!) ..Deanne runs back in the house screaming that some type of beast is in the cage with Gretchen (our sheltie) and it has HUGE teeth!! I wake my husband, him and I got out to the pen to see what was going on. Low-and-behold there was a rather large possum in the pen with her. Amazed mind you we are cause the only way the possum could get in the cage was to fall in from a tree (LOL), I proceed to gather the kids to take them to school while my husband "takes care" of our visitor. I pick our my daughters friend - who takes an extra class too and proceed to drop them at school. I get back home and my husband tells me that he has "taken care" of our visitor and not to worry. I mentioned that I DO NOT want the gory details!! Off to work...

    Tuesday morning - beautiful morning - kids taken care of - husband buzzing around - I am ironing my shirt to get ready to run to the office, when all of a sudden there is a loud BANG - and all the lights (everything) goes out. OK, now what right?? I go outside to look at the neighbors houses to see if anyone has electric, nope! Well I then walk across the gravel rode - ask my neighbor if they knew anything. She proceeded to tell me that it was the transformer in their front yard - there were alot of sparks and smoke - no light so we both called the electric company to report the power outage. Crossing my fingers that this doesnt last long (food in the chest freezer) I light candles, grab an alternate shirt, (have to skip the morning shower) - no electric to run the pump to get water. I felt yucky!! By the candle light I adjust myself to look at presentable as possible ( I am in a cube all day anyway) I made it to work. My hubby called me about and hour later to tell me that he stopped by the house and the electric was on. Thank you lord!!

    Well now it is Wednesday - nothing really exciting on the home front, but I got some good news!! We are getting a $300.00 bonus tomorrow!! This will pay for two months of Orthodonture payments!!

    I know someone up there is watching out for me and you too!!

    Ramblings of Lynn
  5. blndemom23's Avatar
    Liss~ thanks for that suggestion. I use to do that when Aubrey was small and it did work, but I forgot all about that technique, thanks for reminding me! I did go through the toy boxes finally today so I feel a little better about the house being organized, lol. Now if I can just get the kids to keep their rooms clean, LOL.
  6. rachelalle's Avatar
    How do you make your bagels I would love to try it.
  7. MarieVermont's Avatar
    Liss: That is a heap of amazing deals you got there!!!! Care to share the bagel recipe??
  8. Liss's Avatar
    That is a heap of amazing deals you got there!!!! Care to share the bagel recipe??
    Bagel Recipe & Directions are here
  9. danghsia's Avatar
    wow I am going to try this too
    I always buy ready make bagel