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Saturday at home

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Had a nest of yellow jackets move in the middle of our favorite walking trail today. 3 of us have been strung so far. This is definitely a new nest so we'll go back out tonight and see if we can kill them off. We usually leave such things alone, but this time it's in a must use area so if they can't be nice they must go.

My daughters car in down so they had to go to work in mine tonight. She got home Wednesday night and said it was very hard to steer. We went out the next day and check and the power steering fluid was completely out and the belt was broken. You have to take off another belt and 2 parts to get the new belt on so I told her she'd have to take it into the garage to be fixed. Guess we can do it Monday.

Yellow Jacket stings sure do hurt! Tried everything I can think and it still burns badly. From what I've read online so far it will burn like this for 72 hours! I'll seek my revenge tonight!

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Make sure the stinger is not still in there. If it is still there it will keep burning. If it isn't, try dissolving an aspirin in just enough water to make a paste & apply to the sight. I've done this with bee stings and it works fairly well. I know it's frustrating to have something you can't do anything about.