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Is it Friday yet?

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Not that my weekends are any better! We keep going from project to project and most seem to have a deadline so we got a big project going now that has to be done by Monday. I didn't walk today because I made over 50 trips up and down my basement stairs today working. Figure that was enough exercise for today! Kids saw lots of wildlife when they walked so maybe I should of anyway! Flocks of turkey, a few coyotes and a herd of deer were all seen today. I'll have to remind the kids to start watching for hickory nuts falling so we can get them picked up quickly. We still have one bag from last year but ran out of nuts yesterday so we'll be cracking those out soon. Hickory nuts are a little harder to pick out but oh my they sure are good eating! The kids got a new kitten last night to replace the one they lost last week. It bawled most of last night and most of today but seems to be settling down better tonight. We're all dead tired tonight so sure hoping the kitten is well worn out so it'll sleep well too! My girl's worked 8 hours today. School has started back so they get to work the day shift and the regular school kids gt the nights and weekend shifts. I've already forewarned both of them they have to keep their schoolwork up. They are already crying about they can only do their Seminary schoolwork on Sunday but none of the regular schoolwork. I told them they'll just have to figure out how to get it all done along with their chores or give up the jobs. Payday was yesterday and they were so excited to get over $300 for 2 weeks of part time work. I'm excited so they can pay for their own gas and make the car payment! Oh to be 16 again--- never want to go there again!

Well, I may very well fall asleep here so better get done and get to bed!

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