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anew day

Rating: 1 votes, 4.00 average. guys are the best! as you say, when you hit rock bottom, there's no place but up! my fear is that I may still have a few miles to go;-\ however...upbeat person that I try so hard to be... my eye is much improved! no contact yet, but I am wearing make-up and my finger is recovering as well -- bruise where the ring was and tender but far more functional. since I can wear make-up and look more like me, I packed up my remaining catalogues and went to my stylist! I informed her that we are both in the 'looking better' business and that I really needed her help...not just a casual 'want to look at a catalogue while you wait?' I offered the receptionist a discount for customers that stated where they got their catalogue from and the phone calls have been coming in! LOL! AND my stylist called with a brilliant idea (giggle) she's decided to host seminars on the days that the shop is closed -- hair care, skin care, make-up, health care, etc. she's even agreed to offering Avon hair products in the seminar as a good, budget alternative (after she tests them of course). this is huge because the products that she uses are the bomb! her plan is to state, when money is tight to use such-and-such product and follow up with a month of her products! she and her colleagues also agreed that I do a much better job on make up, so when a client books a make-up appointment, they'll try to coordinate with me first!!! AND speaking of recipes, a French bakery and cafe emailed me stating that they would like to know more about me I sent an email to them begging for a job! LOL! the owner has been on Rachel Ray and interviewed by a bunch of magazines. how cool is that!?! so I sent them my credentials -- which amounted to most of the stuff that I've shared with all of you about myself in various posts and a few recipes...nothing that he might use (I'm not stupid!), but stuff to review and consider. it might be a cool gig!
if you can't tell...I'm feeling better can't keep the mos down for long! LOL!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    So glad you are feeling better.. And yes awesome that you get to do something that you like and enjoy.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Ah! Now you sound like our mos!

    Sounds like things are perking up for you, another week and this eye/finger things will be a forgotten history!
  3. tsgal's Avatar
    Way to go mos, so glad to see you perking back again. Things are looking up for you, know they would. Just keep hanging in there.