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Update on my teeth

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So I went to the dentist on Wednesday and got all that work done. I had my first sedation experince, and it went well. No where near as scared as I usally am. I slept the rest of the day on Wednesday. DH went back to work yesterday which was really hard. He was so sweet and took care of the kids, but when I woke up yesterday my house looked as if a bomb hit it! instead of resting, I cleaned, and I over did it! I feel worse today than I have ever felt with dental work. I didnt sleep last night, the pain is horrible So I made some weight watchers soup and I am ordering pizza. DH is off getting a tattoo, funny huh? And he can pick that up on his way home! A three hour tattoo. So there it is, tomorrow I am off to the coast, my youngest is getting baptised, and I can't miss that! We are driving the hour and half up, let her get dunked, and then off back home for me to get some much needed rest. Take care

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Glad it went well for you at the dentist! Glad you also survived DH taking care of the kids and house! Congrats to your baby getting baptized! Hope you have a safe trip there and back!
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    Glad you had a good experience with your dental work and hope you are finally getting that much needed rest.